Amazon Black Friday Deals 2023

Here are the best Amazon Black Friday Deals you can get in 2023. 2. The Little Mermaid Clamshell – 30% off $111.99 3. Luke’s Landspeeder – 30% off $167.99 4. Mario 64 Question Mark – 30% off $139.99 Unfortunately there aren’t many deals on Amazon …

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Dinosaur Market Lego Polybag 30390 Review

The Lego Polybag 30390 is a cool set for the fact of the unique pieces that are included. By itself, I don’t think that is the most exciting or fun to build. What makes it unique is the minifigure, the baby dinosaur, the dinosaur egg, and the amber brick with a printed mosquito on it.

Iron Man 40535 Brick Sketches Review

Lego set 40535, Iron Man Brick Sketches is a fun, yet simple set build to complete with kids. It is a nice compact, but well designed display piece that can be hung on the wall or displayed with it’s built in stand. This build only takes about 30 minutes to complete.

42138 Ford Mustang Shebly GT500 Lego Review (Technic)

The 42138 Lego set has 544 pieces at a price tag of $49.99 at MSRP. This pieces is a fun set to display and play with. It has a built in pull back feature that gives extra playability, especially for kids. This set isn’t incredibly hard to build, but as a Technic set, it does have some building techniques that are slightly difficult to follow. This set takes about 2 hours to build from start to finish, but be careful to make sure you’re using all the right pieces.

The Mandalorian & The Child Brickheadz Set 75317 Review

Lego set 75317 is a great set that just does the Mandalorian characters justice. It is an easy build that creates very detailed, yet cute characters. It takes about 30 minutes to build both Grogu and the Mandalorian that are included in this set. As a retail of $19.99 and on sale towards the end of its life, it really is a great display piece for Lego and the Mandalorian fans alike.