The Mandalorian & The Child Brickheadz Set 75317 Review


Lego set 75317 is a great set that just does the Mandalorian characters justice. It is an easy build that creates very detailed, yet cute characters. It takes about 30 minutes to build both Grogu and the Mandalorian that are included in this set. As a retail of $19.99 and on sale towards the end of its life, it really is a great display piece for Lego and the Mandalorian fans alike.

green check

Great design and detail for the size

green check

Relatively cheap

red x

Mostly made of small building pieces not suitable for children

red x

Features the Mandalorian’s original armor (only a negative if you want the beskar armor)

75317 BrickHeadz The Mandalorian & The Child Set Details

Set Number75317
Price (MSRP)$19.99
Number of Pieces295
Recommended Age10+
Release DateJuly 13, 2020
75317 Lego Set The Mandalorian & The Child Brickheadz Details
75317 rating featured image

Box and Packaging

Though I bought this set used off of Facebook marketplace as a bundle, the box was in decent shape. The tabs were used to open the packaging and there was a little tape holding it together.

Despite this, we can still look at the entire box which was held in relatively good shape.

75317 lego set box front

What I love about the set is that the box has the orange sunburst background behind the characters. On the front is Mando and the Child (in his hovering pram) and on the back is Mando and the Child outside with his hovering pram, showing the flexibility in the set. I also love that they show Grogu’s ears both up and down on the box.

75317 lego set box back
75317 lego set box side view

Other than that, the design is very much similar to other BrickHeadz sets.

Because this was purchased used and already built, I wasn’t able to open brand-new bags, so I am unfamiliar with how the bags are separated, but I would believe that at least Grogu and the Mandalorian are in separate bags.

The directions come in two booklets. The first booklet includes the instructions for Grogu and the hovering pram and the second set of instructions has the Mandalorian.

75317 instruction booklet 1 grogu and hovering pram
75317 instruction booklet 2 the mandalorian

Unfortunately, there is only a listing of the pieces in the back of the second book so if Grogu gets separated from the Mandalorian, it could be difficult to identify the pieces which are necessary for each set.

75317 Lego Brickheadz Set Pieces

Build Process

The entire build process took me about 30 minutes to complete. You can see the entire build below.

When it comes to the build, there are some interesting things to note about it. The first is just the unique pram design. Compared to most Brickheadz set, this build was unique in that it had a whole other extra component which was a house for Grogu.

The build itself wasn’t too much unique, but there were some interesting pieces.

During the build of Grogu, I learned a new technique using headlight bricks. I discovered that using the headlamp bricks surrounding the center black brick below will create a smooth surface using the curved top bricks and single plates which just fit very nicely.

75317 grogu build brick base design

Along with every other Brickheadz set, Grogu of course had the cute little brain in the middle. Thinking about Grogu’s tiny brain is such a fun thought and getting to build it into his character was so fun.

The only negative I have to say about that is it was hard to picture this as his brain since it was added so early on in the build. All he had was the top of his cloak, so it didn’t feel like it was his brain.

75317 grogu brain

The Mandalorian, on the other hand, was a bit more interesting in the build. I was surprised to see that a technique was used where some bricks didn’t attach anywhere. In the image below, the triangular pieces for the bottom of his mask didn’t attach anywhere. The white and brown pieces of this structure just sat in a small opening, which was then held in place with the blue bricks seen in the second photo.

75317 mando loose pieces
75317 mando loose pieces secured

And then you can see a bit larger of a brain on the Mandalorian with a 2×2 brick but since this character was mostly built from the ground up, it was much more satisfying adding this brain.

75317 mando brain

Design and Features

I think this set is very cute. As a fan of The Mandalorian show, it really does it justice. One thing to note is that the armor on the Mandalorian is based on the original armor that is shown at the beginning of season 1.

75317 the mandalorian brickheadz lego set

The details on this set are really great for the limitations on the BrickHeadz sets. The Mandalorian has so many colors, angles, and textured pieces that match up really well with the suit in the show.

He has accessories on his belt, holds his blaster in hand, and his amban sniper rifle held on the back (Source) in a small holster.

75317 the mandalorian brickheadz utility belt and weapons

Grogu on the other hand is much simpler. He features very smooth and simple colors.

75317 lego set grogu brickheadz

Grogu also has clear circular stud pillars to create the “appearance” that the pram is floating, which is definitely a nice touch.

One thing to note is that I do not particularly like the exposed studs on the front and back of the pram just underneath the top surface. Considering everything else is so smooth, the part of this build just feels a bit odd.

75317 brickheadz lego set grogu and hover pram outside

When Grogu is outside the pram, he is just an adorable character. He’s extremely square, but considering his character is not all that complex, it makes sense.

The colors of the pram match that of the show, the only difference is how clean this lego set is. It is just shiny white whereas the pram in the show is quite dirty and traveled. I guess it’s possible that Lego could have added stickers or darker colors to the build, however, I think that would have looked pretty bad.

75317 hovering pram lego set side image

The difference between characters in this set is very conducive to that of the show. The Mandalorian is much more detailed and rough around the edges whereas Grogu is an innocent and cute character.

Grogu’s ears can both be put in the up and down position as seen below. It is awesome that there is a cute alternate appearance for this character.

75317 lego set grogu brickheadz
75317 grogu brickheadz lego set ears down

Final Verdict

I honestly love this set. As someone obsessed with Grogu, I think this mini Grogu in his hovering pram is worth it. Then you add the Mandalorian in there and it is just icing on the cake.

As a fan of the Mandalorian and Lego, I think this set is worth every penny.

What I Liked:

  • Grogu’s Hovering Pram
  • Detail on Mando

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Some design choices in the hovering pram

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