Dinosaur Market Lego Polybag 30390 Review

30390 lego dinosaur market full build image


The Lego Polybag 30390 is a cool set for the fact of the unique pieces that are included. By itself, I don’t think that is the most exciting or fun to build. What makes it unique is the minifigure, the baby dinosaur, the dinosaur egg, and the amber brick with a printed mosquito on it.

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Unique parts

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Low Piece Count

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Not an exciting build

Set Details

Set Number30390
Price (MSRP)$4.99
Number of Pieces34
Recommended Age6+
Release DateApril 7, 2022

Box and Packaging

The 30390 Dinosaur Market Polybag bag is pretty clear and simple. It shows everything that is included in this bag. It is nothing special in my opinion.

Like many polybags, there is a free coupon for Legoland theme parks or discovery centers.

Inside the bag, there are all the parts and the instructions which are seen below.

Build Process

The build for this is really simple. There really isn’t anything special to note. You can see the full build below.


There are 34 pieces in this set, and there are two extra pieces included in the bag. These are two studs, a grey one and a transparent orange one.

There are three unique (not necessarily exclusive) pieces in this set. There is a single build dinosaur baby, dinosaur egg, and an amber transparent orange piece with a printed mosquito on it.

Design and Features

The design to this is pretty simple, but it is important to note the unique pieces. I mean the baby dinosaur is pretty dang cute, the dinosaur egg in the basket is a nice touch, and the mosquito amber rock is absolutely awesome for Jurrasic Park and Jurrasic World fans.

The minifigure inside this polybag is also exclusive to the set.

And for the actual design of the market, there is a small fence surrounding the dinosaur with a heat lamp over the egg. And the coolest, yet simplest design feature on this build is the little roof. These pieces look great and add nice texture to the roof.


As a fan of polybags, I was luck enough to find this retired set on the selves of my local Walmart for $3.00. At this price it was hard to refuse. It is a very simple set with few pieces, but the value you get out of the set is really from the 4 special Lego pieces in the set.

What I Liked:

  • Baby dinosaur
  • Dinosaur Egg
  • Amber Mosquito Brick

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Very few pieces
  • Not a very special build


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